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Plant  Odyssee

Farm and Nursery

Nourished By Nature

Plant Odyssee is a woman-led, BIPOC-owned boutique wellness company on a mission to awaken the world to the magic and healing power of medicinal plants. With deep reverence for the earth and the wisdom of our ancestors, we cultivate a diverse array of plants on our quarter-acre farm in Jurupa Valley, CA.


From delicate flowers to robust herbs, each of our plants has a story to tell and a unique gift to offer. We honor these gifts by creating a variety of value-added products, including jams and preserves, custom tea blends, and shower bundles.

Our passion is to share the beauty and richness of these plants with others, and to help people discover the profound benefits of incorporating natural remedies into their lives. Join us on a journey of wonder and exploration, as we learn from the earth and the ancient traditions that have sustained us for centuries.


At both of our production locations, and in a local community garden, we offer classes on plant production, food preservation, and value-added processing.

Plants We Grow

Culinary Herbs

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We specialize in organically grown common and hard to find culinary herbs, from garlic and green onions to culantro and Vietnamese corriandor, to enhance your traditional and new found recipes. 

Medicinal Plants


With every plant we grow, we celebrate the wisdom and beauty of our cultural heritage. Our mission is to share the power and wonder of these natural remedies, and to help others discover the transformative benefits of working with the earth.

Our online store in on the way.

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Coming Soon! Tea Infusion Kits 

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We believe that the simple act of enjoying a cup of tea can be a transformative experience. That's why we offer a range of sustainable tools to help tea lovers savor our high-quality loose leaf teas to their fullest.


 With our infusion kits, you'll discover the true flavors and aromas of our herbs and teas, allowing you to create a truly unique and customized tea experience.

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